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Your guide to Guild Wars 2's Super Adventure Box

April is basically upon us, which signifies that the 1st day of April is pretty much upon us, which indicates that April Fools' Day is nearly upon us. In the past, the folks at ArenaNet have confirmed themselves fond of celebrating this occasion, which has given fans high hopes for continued trolling in the world of Guild Wars two. Since March's patch, strange items have actually been appearing that all seem to hint at quite a few sort of April Fools' joke: Super Adventure Box achievements on the hero panel, mysterious Continue Coins falling out of chests, & a new range of weapon skins added to the sPvP weapon pane.

Obviously, it's been pointed out to me that potentially the most delicious joke of all would be to put in all those clues and then have no actual prank. I can almost taste the rage of fans who had compulsively run characters via jumping puzzles for days in an attempt to stock up on Continue Coins that suddenly turned out to be worthless.

Fortunately (or not, depending on your sense of humor), that is not the case at all. The Super Adventure Box is genuine, & it is more or less time for you to start playing it. Let's talk about it, shall we?

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Flameseeker Chronicles: Guild Wars 2's March Update Uncovered

It is patch day! Today marks the arrival of the long-awaited World vs. World patch for Guild Wars 2. There are, needless to say, many other items being bundled into this month's massive update, but WvW might be stealing the show a bit.

Of course, WvW updates possibly mean hideously long waiting times as folks hop in to investigation the new shinies, so how about you go ahead & queue up for whichever Battleground you prefer, & we'll talk about the particulars of this patch while you wait.

The belle of the ball

WvW is getting hit with updates like woah. The greatest & potentially (we'll see, maybe) bestest is the so-called "end of culling." Culling, for those of you who haven't been hanging on to every word the devs have spoken, is the process that limits how different characters are reported to your client for drawing. That's, only the characters closest to you, & only a certain number of those, will be represented visually on your display. One can readily see how this turns even the most innocuous WvW (you know, that place where heaps and scads of players from opposing worlds are trying to slit, burn, & otherwise mangle each other's throats) situation into a hideous deathtrap. It makes items confusing (where is all this harm coming from?); it makes factors frustrating (where are the folks I want to kill?); it makes items damaging (oh shoot I thought that guy was most certainly alone!).

To be sure, the benefit of culling is that it keeps your machine from chugging like a collegian on spring break. That brings concerning the fear that the end of culling could herald the beginning of WvW being only for those folks with beastly machines. ArenaNet is trying to circumvent that difficulty by giving players a handful of alternatives regarding culling.

Characters might be rendered in 3 different ways: as high-resolution models that accurately portray individual differences between characters, as low-resolution models that render placeholders rather than one of a kind characters, or as nameplates. That last option -- literally, just the nameplates for characters, without models -- could sound laughable, however it is a viable choice for individuals who need to enjoy WvW without culling or a framerate that most slide shows would scoff at. Players will also be in a position to choose how quite a few characters are entirely rendered versus how many are just nameplates & how a good deal of are rendered in full detail instead of as the lower-resolution fallbacks. Again, the point of this method is that folks do not feel just as if they are actively suffering with the removal of culling. We'll are obliged to wait, I suppose, to see how well it works.

On the other hand wait, there's more! This month's update is also bringing about World XP and World Ranks, a new progression process for WvW.

World XP, which will forever be known as WXP and for which I'm nonetheless trying to find a awesome pronunciation (wuh-xpuh? wexpy? weexep?), is gained as you are playing in WvW, participating in events, & defeating enemy players. WXP is tracked on a per-character basis because genuinely, who plays alts in the endgame, right? (That's not especially fair of me. ArenaNet has stated that "this will truly help incentivize players to play around with a variety of different ability builds for each character" and that it creates "a lengthy term aim for players of a number of characters, as they can strive to rank up a number of characters to help show off their dedication to WvW." So there is that.)

Anyway, you play WvW & you gain WXP, & that translates, after a distinct quantity has built up, into World Ranks. A cool factor to note is that the longer a player has been alive in the world, the more WXP she will be worth. Given that many men and women will have everyone on nameplates or low-res models anyway, it isn't like there is much chance for waging a vendetta, so I see this predominantly as incentive to take down the astonishing commander-varieties and other folks who are inclined to live forever. As you rank up in WvW, you will find yourself getting World Ability Points, & occasionally, a brand new title.

World Ability Point placements are permanent, so ensure you pick wisely -- do you need to be in a position to hold more provide right away, or do you need to stack up your defense from siege attacks? Obviously, since there is practically no limit on how much time you can spend in WvW, you will need to be able, given adequate time, to unlock and beef up on all of the available capabilities.

Guild missions

One of the things I expressed concern about in talking about guild missions was the reasonably high barrier to entry that existed for smaller guilds. ArenaNet is addressing that concern in the form of a new mission type: Bounty Hunt Tuition. This mission type requires guilds to defeat a single bounty target inside a 15-minute window. It is made automatically available once a guild has Art of War 3 unlocked & costs 72 hours & 300 Influence to establish. Instead of grant guild merits, the Bounty Hunt Tuition awards 3000 influence on completion, which makes it ideal for smaller guilds that need to strengthen up banks of Influence to be able to unlock other mission varieties.

Other guild-type alterations are coming in, which includes 3 new bounty targets, a handful of bug fixes, quite a few UI improvements, and quite a few new rewards (including a new weapon set!) from the guild commendation vendor.

& other stuff!

This patch appears to be picking up the pace of the living story. We've got three objectives -- helping Braham fight the Molten Alliance in the Shiverpeaks, helping Rytlock's tuition buddy on a mysterious mission, & foiling the attempts of the Molten Alliance by destroying its surveillance posts.

Leaderboards are also going to be A Thing. While they will not be visible until the team is certain that they are being correctly populated, the very first leaderboards we'll see will feature WvW listings, PvP ratings, & total achievement points.

Next week is the beginning of April, & ArenaNet has been known to be mischievous on and around April 1st. I've no thought whether the team is too caught up in its monthly releases to have able a surprise for us, although 1 can commonly hope.

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